Certified-Expert-dealer-logo-SmWelcome to SFG Backes Feed Co.  We’re here as your one stop source for all your animal, pet, lawn, home, farm and ranch needs.  SFG Backes Feed Co. has the products, people and knowledge to help you live the country lifestyle that suits you.

We’re also a Certified Expert Purina dealer.  That means that we carry all the Purina products and if you need a Purina branded product and we don’t have it . . . we’ll get it.  We believe you deserve the high quality, research proven products that Purina offers.

We’ve been in the feed business since July 1997.  And, our family of employees like that same relaxed, country lifestyle.  We’re focused on you, on your operation, on what products meet your livestock and farm needs.

We’re an old-fashioned, full service feed mill.  As a Certified Purina Dealer we can provide you with any Purina product for any animal you may own.  As a feed mill we can also provide bulk feed and delivery.  Come on in.  Have a cup of coffee and let us help you feed the right nutritional products to your animals.


You can find SFG Backes Feed Co. at

162 County Rd 402

P O Box 115

Loose Creek, MO  65054



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